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Benefits of Handmade Soap vs. Commercial Soap

Natural soap is handmade the old fashion way, using all natural ingredients. Store bought soap is mostly synthetic, and is full of harsh detergents and chemicals - yes even the ones on the “Super Store” shelves claiming to be natural. Most large-scale manufacturers of soap extract glycerin from soap and sell it as a by-product to other companies. In fact, most store bought soap you are using right now is a detergent bar, not soap. If you get out of the shower and your skin feels tight and itchy, there is a good chance you are using detergent on your skin.

This includes the highly touted "glycerin" soap - handmade soap has more naturally occurring glycerin than store bought glycerin soap. Do not think that just because soap is clear that is glycerin. Look at the ingredients and you can see just what is in your store bought soap. Look for ingredients like animal fat (tallow) and synthetic chemicals. Do you really want to put something on your skin that you cannot even pronounce?

MiaBella Farm makes cold process soap to give you the very best in skin care while using natural ingredients. We do not use harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives, cheap petroleum products, fake dyes, or synthetic fragrance oils.

Our homemade soaps are just SOAP, in the purest form of the word. The purpose of Soaps is to break the surface tensions of water to allow the soap to clean our skin of dirt and other impurities. Our soaps are a combination of soap and glycerin in the finished product. Glycerin is naturally found in homemade soaps because it is a by-product of the soaping process. Glycerin attracts moisture and traps it keeping skin moisturized and soft. Glycerin also enables the soap to last longer and is gentler to our skin.


There are many reasons why handmade soaps cost more to produce than commercial soaps; mainly the cost of material and the time and labor involved in producing a handmade soap. Naturally, natural ingredients used in handmade soap are more expensive than synthetic ingredients used in mass-produced commercial soaps. The cost per soap bar will be even higher when the finest natural ingredients are used; such is the case with each and every MiaBella Farm soap bar. Furthermore, the labor-intensive cold-pour process coupled with the lengthy air-curing process to deliver a long lasting bar of soap contributes to the higher cost.

But after all, isn’t your skin care worth the natural excellence found in our soap bars?